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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Around the bend. - Wednesday 4th October

No matter how much we like it where we are at any given time, there’s eventually a little buzzer that goes off in our heads that prompts us to exploure around the next bend in the river.  Thankfully on these not so warm autumn mornings there’s no buzzer that tells us to get out of bed, so it was a rather civilised “just before lunch time” that we found ourselves promising Saarburg we’d be back, and drifting off once more to see where the current would take us.

Actually things weren’t quite that random.  We’d planned all this.  We knew that just around the bend there was a lock, and after the lock there was the Moselle River, and we’d stop not far from the junction at the little yacht club in Konz which is a short commute by train to Trier. In fact things were so well planned and went so smoothly in accordance with those plans that we were quite possibly at risk of contracting a headache or something worse!  

Thankfully it was nothing that a medium-sized walk in the blustery cool of the afternoon couldn’t fix.  This was followed by a bit of a snooze of course after which we woke with absolutely no idea what we would be doing tomorrow, and all was well with the world once more.

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