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Monday, October 30, 2017

Half a Moon is Better Than No Moon - Sunday 29th October

The end of the day came earlier than usual today, as it does when one is trying to get ten things done in the time that it takes to do eight, and it wasn’t entirely because today was the day that daylight saving ended.  We had spent all of it inside our little boat-cave hiding from the rain except for the odd excursion into what felt like super-chill from time to time to avail ourselves of Maggie’s clothes dryer. 

The rain stopped exactly as scheduled, bringing a clearing sky to  the coming of the night and we could poke our heads out to enjoy the dying vestiges of the day without getting wet.  Surprisingly our view had changed.  Beautiful though it was in the last of the light, we couldn't help but notice that the storms had stripped the trees of the last vestiges of their foliage as if to ready them for the frost that must arrive overnight and in the process dumped every one of them on the boat, working them under the still not finally secured covers. 

Even as the last wisp of cloud disappeared from the sky could feel the bite of the new weather system descending.

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