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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Brasserie - Saturday 21st October

It may have taken us eight years, but we can now go forward happy in the knowledge that we have finally seen the Brewing Museum in Saint-Nicholas-du-Port.  It’s only a few kilometres from the canal, and we’ve travelled past quite possibly dozens of times, always finding an excuse or even a reason to keep going despite our best intentions to visit.    We could easily have stayed snug in the boat this time as well, but we had a sort of steely determination to succeed.

Steely determination is what it takes by the way, to go walking in rain in temperatures not seen in more civilised climes!   The reception we received was amazing and it must be said that that alone was worth the very small admission price even if it had not included a complimentary beer (or artisanal lemonade) and the museum itself did its best to ensure our run of excellent afternoons out continued unabated.

It’s odd though, how one can go along one’s happy way oblivious to and never needing to know why things are named the way they are.  “Brasserie” we discovered quite by accident is actually a French word that means “Brewery” and has nothing at all to do with the shiny metal used  in much of the equipment, which it slowly dawned, is actually …. copper.

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