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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Cruisin’ - Friday 6th October

Yes it was so cold that pretty much every garment she owned was on, and yes, probably if you are going to wear fifteen or sixteen layers of clothing it’s a better look if they aren’t all the same size, but when one is cruising idly through some of the finest parts of Moselle’s wine region, and the hills are just beginning to show little dabs of gold here and there, if one can stay warmish, one really doesn’t care that much.

We had a lot of kilometres to cover today, thirty-seven to be precise, the most in a single day this year by far, but the scenery left us in no hurry to get to where ever it was we were going, and  even the time we spent going up the hill in the giant locks was just an opportunity to see the view from a different perspective.   

Had we seen just a little more of the sun we may have been in danger of scenery overload, but that was not to be.  We did however take just enough time from our busy cruising schedule to replenish our fuel tanks at Luxembourg’s tax free prices.   "Buy a hundred litres, get sixty for free."  It almost makes one wish one had a bigger less fuel efficient engine. Almost.  Yes it’s true, Mr Perkins bless him, has sipped just one hundred and sixty litres this year, less actually if you take into account the fuel turned to smoke by Webasto his recalcitrant love-child come diesel heater .   


Don said...

Ahhh, Luxembourg, fuel station to all of Europe. I don't know if you have had the pleasure but at each end of the "E" highway that crosses the country (or is it a duchy? A principality? These things confuse me.) are the largest road fuel stations we've ever seen, and always packed. We, too, used the marina at Schwebsange. Nice people.


bitingmidge said...

Hi Don, I think it's a town within a country, but well as you say it's full of nice people so nothing else matters!

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