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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Having a Blast. - Wednesday 27th September

It’s not as if we hadn’t been told by more than one person.  Even the coloured brochure says it’s “one of the most exciting places in the world to visit”.   Völklingen-Heutte is an abandoned ironworks with rusty blast furnaces.  Seriously?

There’s no escaping it, as we explored the complex for hours clambering along its seven kilometres of catwalk and gangplank we concluded that the brochures were quite possibly an understatement. World Heritage Listing should have been a clue, and if the structures and museum wasn’t enough, the priceless exhibition of Inca Gold scattered through the darkened turbine hall would have surely been sufficient, but there was more.  Hundreds of the world’s best street artists had been selected to exhibit in the UrbanArt Biennale , displayed in bunkering areas of the vast ruin.

It was all so impressive that we could have returned the next but for the time it would take to sort yet another thousand photographs of rusty pipes.   On reflection, this may very well have been our third “best day at work ever” this year!



Don said...

We gave this a pass last time 'cause we couldn't figure out the moorings.
Thanks for giving us all kinds of ideas for next year!


Don said...

And I want one of those spaghetti ice creams!


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