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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Another Great Day in the Office - Saturday 23rd September

Today was the day we discovered, although we already had the slightest suspicion, that too many organ grinders in one place are simply not enough.  We are certain though, that the happiness that these people grind out of their little boxes is the stuff of which world peace is constructed.   Of course they are enthusiasts, and the enthusiasm that they displayed in dismantling their pride and joy to answer simple question about their tracker bar construction or clacker valve fittings, or to show us their spring loaded wing-nuts had to be experienced to be understood.

They seemed more astonished that someone from Australia would take such an interest in them than we were that they’d go to such lengths for us.  With the streets and our heads filled all day with the sounds of thirty or more of the little beasts, and the whole town reverberating to the tones of Johan’s steam driven monster, was it any wonder we arrived home this evening tired, but very happy and with a wallet filled with the contacts of new found friends.

This had been the reason that we had been waiting in Sarreguemines, and it was worth the wait. Perhaps as it turned out, it could just possibly have been one of our best days at work ever!


Jack said...

What fun! I find that serendipity is the best. Stumbling upon unexpected and unplanned hours of joy.

Don said...

You always post great photos but I have to say that this one and the one from the 21st are some of the best.
Thanks for the memories of Sarreguemines. We remember the story about the "casino" and got a kick out of it when we heard it.


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