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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Will we go or will we stay. - Tuesday 12th September

The weather forecast suggested that while today’s weather was nasty, tomorrow’s would quite possibly be a lot worse, and the day after is likely to be worse still.

The last time saw sunshine while peering through the arch in the centre of the village was last Thursday, and the fourteen day forecast suggested that that could well be the last time we’ll see it.  Ever!    With guests aboard who had travelled from Australia then driven half way across a country to be with us, there was just a little pressure from within (no matter how kindly their assurances,) to give them a taste of the cruising life by moving on.   We would have too if the forecast had only been for cold, or rain, or cold and rain, but instead cold and rain was going to combine with increasing gale force gusts which were already appearing intermittently, and these conditions were set to worsen.

We’d like to think it was wisdom and experience that came to the fore when we opted to remove all uncertainty and give them a taste of the cruising life by simply staying in one spot and doing not much for the next few days, but really we’d had a lot of practice at dominoes lately, and if ever we were going to beat anyone, this could be our opportunity.

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