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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Washing Day. - Saturday 9th September

Juergen and Ele lingered as long as they could, choosing a brief break in the drizzle to make their escape, leaving us to all those feelings one has when a visit that is too short comes to an end.  

Feelings such as: “Will the washing dry in this weather?”

The answer to that should have been obvious, but one of us is undauntable,  and therefore proceeded to hang, unhang and rehang smalls (and a few larges) on our trusty clothes line, racing in an out in the lulls between squalls to give them as much “outside time” as possible, while the other watched in his usual state of bemusement.    

Perhaps the greatest bemusement of all was provided by the small procession of bridal parties intent on having their big day recorded with our fabulous boat in the background oblivious no doubt until they view the proofs for the first time, to the gorgeous array of underware behind their heads.

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