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Sunday, September 03, 2017

It all seemed so simple. - Saturday 26th August

We could have slept longer and almost did, but thankfully one of us remembered that we had to take the car back in the nick of time, and in doing so we managed to pick up just a few more last minute essentials before the taxi returned us well before coffee time to what would become become our oven for the day.  Outside temperatures were hovering once again in the mid thirties, inside does not bear further discussion.

Most people would think that installing some solar panels would be a simple thing, and to most people perhaps it would.   Most people don’ t have the complexity of a sliding roof to deal with, nor perhaps a personality that refuses to allow any visible evidence of cable betwixt battery and panel.   Most people might have packed their stuff in boxes before starting too instead of spreading the contents of all cupboards as well as half the bed structure where it would get in the way time after time.  It all just added to the joy of working in a steam box while contorted.

Thus the remainder of the day was spent trying not to spread too much sawdust or fibreglass dust mixed with sweat through all the cupboards, as pelmets and structures were disassembled, new parts inserted and all put back together again in an exercise that admittedly produced results which did not reflect anywhere near the number of bad words that were uttered during it’s course.   The wiring is in, the panels in place, tomorrow; we connect.

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