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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Surrealism and other arty things - Thursday 24th August

Jørn and Birgit had finished wintering “Miss Elly” a day early as it turns out, which would have enabled them to make a very comfortable two day drive of the eleven hour commute to their home had we not turned up when we did.   Over dinner last night we hatched a plan to waste their day too. Not only would they stay aboard with us this evening despite the less than advanced state of our unpacking, but we would declare this day a “play day”.  As long as they could cope with juggling our luggage, we would put off attending to the “lived in” state of the boat for another, better day much further into the future.

We’ve all been to Sarrebourg often of course, it being similar to Luneville in terms of proximity and size and supermarkets and railway station, although none of us had actually visited with our tourist heads on.   Thus it was that when we came at last to visit Marc Chagall’s famous and it should be said quite wonderful stained glass in the Chapel of the Cordeliers, we couldn’t believe we’d left it so long.  Then, when we chanced upon the adjoining exhibition of woven works by Yvette Cauquil-Prince  undertaken in collaboration with the likes of Chagall, Picasso, Ernst and Kandinsky it was like the icing on a very big cake indeed.

it’s astonishing to discover that these wonderful collections have been lurking right under our noses all this time although to be fair to us Mme Cauqul-Prince’s stuff is not a permanent exhibition.   Wondrously gob=smacking though it all was, perhaps the sweetest and for that matter surreal experience of the day came with our discovery that  the parking meters in Sarrebourg refuse to accept coins between mid day and two pm when they, like the rest of us, are at lunch!


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