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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The wait ends. - Monday 11th September

We were going to wander over to the supermarket so we could be fully provisioned by the time Bob and Penny arrived, but it was blustery and cold and wet and the thought of taking a four and a bit kilometre walk in the rain, half of it carrying a week’s worth of stuff wasn’t a terribly exciting one.

Instead we sat around snug, waiting for them to arrive in the not terribly vain hope that we could cajole them into driving us.  They did of course, and while we shopped we talked without ceasing in the way that people do when they haven’t seen each other for years.   Why is it that we try to tire each other out in the first few hours, when we could be pacing ourself for a week?

Perhaps it’s to leave time for new conversations, to solve the problems of the world, or just to endlessly discuss the meaning of the bronze sculpture that we can see from the boat, vaguely in the form of a fish but containing so many other forms…


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