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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Lonely as a cloud! - Monday 3rd September

Today the summer holidays are over and it’s back to school, not just for the children apparently but also for all the parents and grandparents who variously own or hire boats.  

We  don’t have to work too hard any more to find another nice quiet little patch of forest, so after an arduous five or six kilometres travelled and three more locks successfully negotiated this one with a cleared spot and picnic tables seemed like the perfect spot to rest for a couple of days while we recovered from the morning’s effort.

Now into our second week of almost solitude, we are starting to become a little foggy from all the lying about and reading, so we’ve resorted to something we’d heard about some time ago.  It’s called conversation and it’s really quite pleasant as long as it’s not overdone.   Too much conversation can lead to things called “games” involving playing cards and dice and scores written on scraps of paper.  These were apparently quite popular in lesser times, before television and the internet were invented and it must be said in the right circumstances seem to provide a good deal more amusement than for instance, simply staring into space for hours on end. 


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