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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

A blog post about staring into space. Thursday 31st August
Diane Capel

Well now it’s raining, and if we’d spent our time installing “cloud panels” instead of solar ones, perhaps we’d have enough battery reserve so that we didn’t have to watch everything quite carefully, but it’s five nights since the last proper charge and we were just starting to look ruefully at the empty can of generator fuel.

We were starting to look ruefully at the only piece of exposed wiring in the panel installation as well,  the bit with the plug to allow the roof to slide, in the hope we could see some current pouring down it, but alas the only thing pouring down was rain outside.  We needn’t have worried though, even if we had been, as our friend Phllippe happened to be passing in his car between showers and decided to drop in to see if we, marooned as we were so far from civilisation, were in need of anything.

By mid afternoon he’d returned with a jar of generator petrol, and a few hours later our state of charge was once again ready for all that the weather could throw at it for at least a few days to come.    


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