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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Shopping and thinking of Solar panels Friday 25th August
Luneville and Lagarde

With Jørn and Birgit gone before most civilised breakfasts had begun, and now only one day left with a car to do our bits and pieces, a little serious providoring was in order followed perhaps by some solar panel installation or at least thinking about it.    

The day was the opposite of bleak, uncomfortably hot, relieved only by the few hours spent in the air-conditioned car and supermarkets and wandering in the giant hardware stores in search of parts to ensure that all the new wiring would be satisfyingly hidden when eventually it came to be done.   There’s nothing glamorous or even entertaining to tell of this day.  Like so many others it was spent mostly in ugly big box stores, or curled up in tiny spaces with tape and pencil in hand, making mental notes with the veil of jetlag ever so slightly obscuring every thought.

But the glow of yesterday in Sarrebourg remained cheerily embedded in our memory and desreved at least one more photograph.

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