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Thursday, September 07, 2017

...but we can’t hide. - Tuesday 4th September

We weren’t long back from our ‘bread run’ to the bakery in Harskirchen half a dozen kilometres away when we noticed a pair of cyclists on the other side of the canal staring at our boat.  It turns out they were staring at our bikes initially, then they noticed our flag and became curious.  

Paul and Shirley were from somewhere in New South Wales, camping and cycling on their very nice folding bikes on a route that scribed rather a large arc from Frankfurt to Amsterdam by way of Switzerland and we were only the second of their countrymen that they’d met since setting out.  It seemed only proper that we should invite them to stop for lunch and they graciously allowed our intrusion on their schedule.  Since one of them was restricted to a gluten-free diet, this turned out to be quite an economical affair from our perspective, and as a bonus there was enough of our baguette left to last us till tea time.

A rollicking good time was had by all until, as if to highlight the contrast in our chosen means of transportation, they rode off toward the horizon with sixty kilometres or so remaining to complete their day, and we settled in for a gentle nap.

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