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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The day we rode to Rhodes - Saturday 2nd September
Ferme d’Albeschaux to Mittersheim

We could have just moved on without visiting Rhodes, but had we done that we would not have had bread for lunch, nor could we have said we’d been to Rhodes and we'd like to go back one fine sunny day.

Etang du Stock, the great lake on which it is situated is doubtless many times the size of Sydney Harbour although for reasons which I’m sure are quite clear to a Commission in the EU Parliament, the “Syd’arb” had not yet been approved as a unit of measure of waterway volume in France, so we shall probably never know.  Of course even with this great volume of the wet stuff, and even though the water is used ultimately to feed the canals on which we travel, boats such as ours are prohibited from the lake.   Something to do with stuff we have already digested finding it’s way into what appears to be a reasonably well cared for, but quite sensitive ecosystem.   

Fair enough too, and the bikes did seem to enjoy the run although given that the lake is not much more than a metre below the level of the canal, it was a bit of a surprise to discover that the road was not the usual pancake flat affair, but seemed to undulate more than was absolutely necessary in half a dozen kilometres.  At one point in our little adventure one of us has to admit to dropping back to second gear on one little hillock although he would offer that he quite possibly only did so so as not to get too far ahead of the other.

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