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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Promise of things to come - Thursday 21st September

It may have been late morning when the weather became less dreary, and it may have been early evening when the first blue patches of sky began to appear, but when they did they were full of cheer and brought the promise of better days to come.  The sun even announced itself for a minute, or part thereof, just before it disappeared for the night. Perhaps it was attempting to assure us that it would be back in the morning.

Faced with a weeks worth of washing and quite possibly more worth of “house” work, we quickly remembered that there was a whole sector of the town centre that we had not explored so set about doing just that in case the sun’s assurance failed to bear fruit.  There, perhaps by accident, we stumbled across the very same shop that displayed in its window those cushions that we liked.   This time our timing was such that when we did it was not closed for lunch.

Suffice to say there are now two fewer cushions in the window and the boat looks all the brighter, lack of sustained sunshine notwithstanding.

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Jack said...

You had good luck with those cushions. And with this lovely reflection shot.

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