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Monday, September 11, 2017

And now for Sarralbe - Thursday 7th September

Although it goes a little against the grain when one is trying to explore at random, we used the GPS today to find the supermarket that we knew was somewhere on the outskirts of town.  What we didn’t understand at the time was the word “was”, so we cleverly moored on the quay we’d stayed at last time we were here as it too was on the outskirts and closer to the supermarket than our final destination.  Armed with this technology we confidently set off to replenish our somewhat depleted larder at the supermarket just one-point-two kilometres away.

The problem with that was that the supermarket had closed since our map was last updated, but one-point-two kilometres from that one, there was another, which curiously was also exactly one-point-two kilometres from where we’d started out.

After lunch and a good, but altogether too brief lie down after our excursion, we cast off once again and descended down one more lock to find our place on the town quay, a puzzlingly yet gorgeously well prepared spot with free electricity and internet and just a few hundred metres from the centre of town.   

Sarralbe is truly a place of contrast.  It is well cared for and clean and in good repair and closed.   There is nothing to compel one to stay at the best facilities that EU money can provide, yet we feel we owe it to the town to use them for just a bit.  So we will.


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