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Friday, September 08, 2017

Weather. - Wednesday 5th September

Harskirchen is a much prettier place than the above photograph might imply, but the weather today did it no favours.  Someone has awarded it a two flower ranking in the flowery villages of France at some time in it’s history. No doubt that was on a bright sunny day, not at all like today which was neither bright nor sunny.   

The first squall of the day, and there were many to follow, arrived as they always do exactly as we were trying to dock.   Because the port was devoid of boats and there were no witnesses to tell the tale, the wind just took us in exactly the direction we would have preferred to have gone.  We were able to tie off without fuss, looking as though we really knew our stuff, and quietly retired to a warm coffee leaving the squall outside to do what squalls do.

By mid afternoon, tired of retreating from the weather, we decided to take our chances between weather fronts and set off on our bicycles to find one of the still working water powered flour mills that the district boasts.  If we were lucky, we’d be able to have a pizza cooked from the flower we had watched being ground.

It seems that we’d used all our luck in our docking procedure this morning though, as when we arrived at the mill, naturally it was closed now that the holiday season is over, and is only open on weekends.  It was so closed in fact that we weren’t even able to sneak a view of the wheel,  although we could hear it turning and that probably counts for something although we did manage to get ourselves home dry and warm which probably counts for something more!


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