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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The last of the Summer Jim-Jams - Friday 1st September
Ferme d’Albeschaux

We slept late today as people who have perhaps been a little chillier than they’d prefer during the night are wont to do.   As the forecast had warned it would, a twenty five degree reduction in temperature overnight had brought with it an element of sombre mist and an absence of sunlight that was still with us well after ten.

This may not be winter, but it will serve as a warning that a change of season is on the way, and we can now look forward to a different kind of discomfort perhaps not involving solar hitting panels at all.   By the time we’d cycled into the village to find some bread and pottered around and eaten it and checked the forecast several times more, it was clear that no change in outlook was expected.

Given that a change is a good thing, if none in the weather was forthcoming, then we would make one of our our own.  

We moved a few kilometres to a new piece of forest or technically to a small clearing on Albeschaux’ Farm and amazingly, before we could even say “afternoon nap” and no doubt to the astonishment of forecasters around the globe, we were bathed in sunshine under almost clear blue sky.  

This of course made us feel just the slightest amount of guilt as out of respect for the forecasts perhaps, we wasted the afternoon horizontally immersed in the depths of our respective books.


Rob Siemann said...

Well, seems we skipped september altogether hereabouts, went straight to october. As we frenchies say: y'a plus de saisons, mon pauvre monsieur!
PS, note to Google: I am not a robot, I am a Robert.

bitingmidge said...

Ha Rob - I think you are right. We have so many fond memories of perfect September cruising weather, November may become exciting aboard!

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