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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Crisis averted, not narrowly.
Wednesday 25 March - 2,317 cases - 91per million population

It had the makings of a difficult day.

Barely after breakfast or perhaps before, one can't be sure as time travels so quickly in times of crisis, one of us walked into the room barely able to disguise her trembling hands, carrying two pieces of plastic which until a few moments before had been disguised as the shiny "metal" handle on the lid to her little kettle.   Life without her tea would be completely intolerable for us both, so with much haste and still clad in his night attire, or at least half of it, the other of us raced into his shed, searching for the box marked "things that might come in handy to use as a teapot handle".

Because his shed may be slightly more organised than others he's seen, almost no time at all transpired before the teapot was back in action, biding its time until he musters the energy to make something closer to the original, or until this one wears out, whichever comes first.  In any case, no cups of tea were missed and a stray cupboard handle that has lived in hope for decades has now found a purpose to its existence, and we all basked for a time in the rosy glow that fixing something creates.

One suspects that as the dust settles from the current world crisis, financial pressures may well force a return to a world where things were repaired rather than discarded.  Perhaps there is good to come from this after all!

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