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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Social Distancing

A week ago we had a bit of a get together with a bunch of mates to chat about our plans for our collective European jaunts.    Friday a week ago some were booked to leave this week, we had decided to hang back a while and make our decision at the end of the month.

By Monday our decision had been made for us, with the world doing a fairly good impression of being in total chaos, and all because of a tiny, invisible enemy and the disease it brings: Covid 19.   

By Tuesday we had begun voluntarily distancing ourselves and making quite serious plans as to how we might actually go about doing that.   We'd pop down to Brisbane we thought and bid farewell to our babies, their parents and their great grandmother for a time, return and put our feet up for a month with a good book.

Time and tide waits for no man though, and by Tuesday GG was already in protective "lockdown", some of the littlies had other ills that we really did not want to contract and we began to feel a bit like an Egret at surfers convention.

It may well take years for the depth of distress that this event will cause to be measured, and some wounds may never heal.  We are gazing into the lights of an approaching train, not knowing if we are standing on the tracks or safely on the platform of the station.   Many others around the world are documenting their own isolation adventure.   This is ours



Elaine Rae said...

Thanks, Peter. I look forward to reading your posts as always. Hadn’t thought about doin* the same for this journey but it is a good idea. Might just do the same.

Kanal Rapanden said...

Good to have you back on air. We in Denmark are in exactly the same fix. Closed borders and total lockdown. So even if we were in, or could get to our boat in France it is even worse down there. We hope France will be back on its feet around july, but who knows?
Moïse in France

Ian said...

Time for us all to catch up on our blogs from last year (we're still writing about early July!) but I'm certain anything you write or illustrate about your new lifestyle will, as always, be an eagerly anticipated treat. Good Luck from Sunbury, Vic.

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