Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Signs that we are nearing the end of times.
Thursday 26 March - 2,676 cases - 105per million population

We've known each other for half a century, and in all that time she's never consumed anything sweeter for breakfast than the half-spoon of sugar that accompanies her first cup of tea.  I've actually seen her shudder as I poured maple syrup on my breakfast pancakes (a rare treat) and in fairness I've actually seen a waiter shudder too when she put salt on her French toast, after asking them to hold the sugar coating.

Therefore when she suggested that we might like to try out our brand-new bowl-waffle gadget (and theres a story in itself) for her special breakfast, even though one of us was sore tempted to go the banana, nutella and ice cream route, he moderated his desire, and concocted a mix of fresh fruit, yoghurt and crushed nuts with a drizzle of honey which oddly enough given the habits of her lifetime, seemed to be  entirely to her satisfaction.

Baby steps.


Meg said...

Bowl-waffle gadget. What will they think of next?

bitingmidge said...

We don't collect gadgets, in fact we eschew them. But this was a gift and we're stuck with it! :-)

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