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Friday, March 27, 2020

What a wonderful world.
Friday 27 March - 3050 cases - 120 per million population

For decades, based on the results of rigorous testing by our favourite consumer organisation we've washed at a low temperature and using around half the recommended amount of detergent.  Our clothes have always come out of that process smelling fresh and clean and snowy white, or at least that's the case for one of us, the other's still have random paint spots, coffee stains and blobs of grease which he may have overlooked prior to trusting the machine to do its thing, but mostly people don't notice.  Or if they do they don't mention it at any rate.

This morning one couldn't help but notice that the washing machine was exuding a less than savoury assault on the olfactory department.  Such was the strength of the pong that we started to wonder if one of our wooden fish had died.  Consoled only a little in the knowledge that a loss of smell is a symptom of Covid 19 infection and clearly we aren't infected, it was time to read the instruction book for the five year old machine.     

Oh. Under the heading "Why does my machine smell?" were these words: "Washing on low temperatures for a prolonged period and/or with less than the recommended amount of detergent is likely to encourage bacterial growth in the machine."   Well, well, well. 

Having failed to persuade the company website to take our money for the prescribed cleaning solution, a quick phone call was in order.   I cannot be sure why I was surprised to phone the Australian service number of a German company and find myself talking to a very helpful person working from their home in the UK, but there they were, accessing Australian warehouse records and arranging despatch, at the same time talking us through a couple of other things we could do to fix the problem.   What a wonderful world. 

With the machine now devoid of stink, perhaps it's time to begin the documentation of the last eight years of renovation work.   Some description of that later, for now the laundry (or utility room now), after and before.



Meg said...

You have a fridge in the laundry???

bitingmidge said...

Now there's a story Meg! Perhaps I'll tell it one of these days... I'll keep you posted! :-)

Ian said...

In these times of uncertainty, we look to those around us who provide consistency and regularity for reassurance - and then you post two pictures!
A brilliant post, none-the-less.

Don said...

Nice fish! That is all.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks @D&CJ! @Ian - I am troubled, might have more like this in the future!

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