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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Surely you jest!
Tuesday 24 March - 1,887 cases - 74 per million population

The world is full of experts, that is clear, and the amazing thing is that they've achieved that status not by study, but by reading "the letters to the editor" or watching morning television.   Nothing the government is doing seems to meet their approval, despite the strong possibility that the government is undoubtedly doing its best to balance the interests of the country, taking on board the advice from so many differing specialities, perhaps even talking to people with years of actual study and experience.

In trying to balance the health management risks against the economic and emotional well being of the country as a whole, not everyone is going to be pleased with the outcome.   Those whose income is not at risk (or, understandably those whose lives are) will always want the most radical solution and beggar the rest of them.  In two days action has been taken that will result in more than a million lost jobs.  It might be time for the self-taught experts to moderate their stance a little, and perhaps direct their energy in some more positive manner.  (Like writing angry blog posts such as this!)

Having said that, one has to wonder at the quality of the expertise of those advising our state government.  Three days from an election which will see every person over eighteen years of age turn out at a time when even weddings are limited to having five people present and we are still receiving reminders that VOTING IS COMPULSORY.

I wonder if, six days from now, when a quarter of the State starts to exhibit signs of Covid 19 infection contracted at the polling booths, our Premier will jump up and down on her dias shouting "April Fools"!


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