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Saturday, August 06, 2022

A shock to the system!
Thursday 4th August - Aalst to Ninove

In the face of a forecast that predicted zero rainfall over the coming ten day period, I can’t imagine that anyone would have been in a hurry to reach for the toolbox to repair their non-functioning windscreen wiper.  In our case that little task sits happily on a growing list of things that might not need doing any time soon.  Therefore it came as a great shock to see little marks appear on the water and what appeared to be actual mist in the distance, as we drifted our way through a particularly lovely piece of forest today.

“Drifted” because we’ve been moving around twelve kilometres a day of late and sometimes even at walking pace the world just seems to rush by too quickly.

We had another kind of weather event as well, this time a massive, noisy whirlwind in the form of Juergen and Ele, who like almost everyone we know with a boat in France have found themselves unable to go anywhere in the face of a steadily declining water level across the country.  With the prospect of another week of high temperatures on its way, they had to face a choice between stewing on their boat or cooling in their pool in Wuppertal, (mentioned only because it’s the best sounding town name ever), and the boat didn’t win.

We were big winners though, because it’s only a large detour to get from where they were, to where they needed to be via where we are, and they took it!

It’s never quiet when we are together so we were a little grateful to have no neighbours for the night.  Yet again we were all astonished that no time had apparently passed since our adventures on the Somme three years ago.  Ele had attempted to send us a parcel on several occasions during our absence only to be told quite curiously, that Australia was closed.  Now we have even greater incentive to take a small road trip! 


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