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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Tuesday is Ironing
Tuesday 9th August - Ath


One of us was secretly a little sad because it’s so quiet here and she rather likes the sound of trains in the background, so she feels quite cheated, so we decided to stay another day to lounge around and perhaps to see what was going on in town.

The “House of the Giants” was worth a squizz according to everyone we’d spoken to, and although in a literal sense it’s open at the moment, it’s not open in the kind of way that will allow visitors until the year after next. The “Museum of Stone” seemed like a chance, but it’s a bit out of town and we’ve seen stones before.

The “National Ball Games Museum” looked interesting too, well it did to one of us, (The other has asserted that our televisions are not of the kind that best suited to those sorts of transmissions and therefore neither of us are particularly up to date on any score), however even if we had achieved Royal assent to visit it, opening hours are every third time an eclipse of the sun coincides with a Sunday, so that was out.

We knew the Graeco-Roman Museum had been open on Sunday because we’d spoken to him, and they have exhibits, including a 2,000 year old boat, which “speak for themselves” apparently.  Today when they spoke, it must have been: “we think we’ll have the day off”.

So we explored most of the central streets, concluded that the place is quieter than the Railway Station, and repaired to the boat to do a bit of afternoon train spotting.

And some Ironing.


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