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Friday, August 19, 2022

Oh My! Haven't you grown up!
Wednesday 17th August - Tournai to Kirkhove


The first time we visited Tournai more than a decade ago we had the impression it was a city very much in decline.  Apart from the entire scaffold around the Cathedral Notre Dame and an extensive exhibition promising that one day it will once again look great in photographs, there wasn’t much to remember about our visit.

Then, as indeed it was five years ago, mooring for boats was still strictly for masochists who enjoy living while being constantly smashed against the wall by the stream of ships passing.   A few years ago we cycled in from Antoing and we were sufficiently unimpressed with the general unloved-ness of the place (and the pizzas) that we might not have bothered to visit this time had it not been for the wonderful facilities now provided for pleasure boats.  We thought we'd give it one more chance.

Perhaps it was the bright sunny day, or perhaps there really is a feeling of revival surging through the town, the Cathedral and 1000 year old carillion are now fully restored, work on the bridge of similar vintage is progressing well, and what we remember from our last visit as an empty square bathed in litter is now buzzing with activity despite the temporary road diversion through it.  Whatever the reason, in our eyes at least there’s a new positivity in the air.

Had we not been determined to ensure our paths crossed with Val and Koos once more, we might even have stayed another day. Actually, we would have stayed another day. We might even have visited a museum!

Tournai, all is forgiven.  We’ll see you again just to check progress on all those things still to come!


Vallypee said...

We are very honoured that seeing us again drew you away from Tournai. It does indeed look lovely in your photo, and you’re right. The new facilities look great. There wasn’t a soul there when we passed through yesterday, I rather wish we’d stopped there ourselves, but we enjoyed a lovely evening in Antoing with Jude and Roger, so no regrets at all. Added to that, I like Antoing very much.

bitingmidge said...

@Valleypee I didn't recognise Antioing in the background of your photo with Jude and Roger? Yes it holds special memories for us and it really gives us a break in that monster journey between Peronnes and Tournai! :D

Don said...

So glad to hear good things about Tournai. When we visited several years ago our impression was like your first one. Maybe some day we’ll have to return!

bitingmidge said...

@Don and Cathy Jo - definitely worth putting on your list of things to do - and I wouldn't have said that a week ago!

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