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Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Party Party Party.
Monday 1st August - Gent

We may have been inadvertently giving the impression that our life of late has been one big party.

Be assured, there’s work to fit in between all those good times.   

Yesterday for instance, we had to visit the weekly flower markets, and the book markets as well, before wending our way through five levels of the Museum of Industry, and in the process didn’t get time to have lunch until afternoon tea time!  By then, if we had been keeping tabs on that sort of thing, our step count would have been well over sensible daily targets.   

Such is the intensity of our schedule that we didn’t even have time for a nap before finding ourselves back on Joel and Cindy’s party bus for another night of telling lies and general hilarity, not to mention quite enough food to make up had there been a shortfall during the course of the day.    Then of course we all happily backed up for a further dose today although by this evening the pace was starting to tell on us all.

We don’t know at the moment whether to be more grateful for the good times we are having or for the fact that we are going to leave tomorrow which will give us all some some respite.  


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Vallypee said...

I was expecting this post, but not the photo, which is super. Compliments, meneer!

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