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Monday, August 01, 2022

Another Sleepless Night.
Sunday 31st July - Gent


One late night sitting on the dock downtown waiting for the “golden hour” which confusingly was only going to last twelve minutes had it materialised, and then the fifteen minutes or so of “blue hour” at about the time someone thought to flick the switch on the street lights, was bad enough, but we were sure we’d recover in a day or two.

Then Joel and Cindy breezed into town and we knew we were in trouble.

We hadn’t thought about it too much, but when we did we realised that we’ve known them before we actually owned a boat, so they must actually be statistically speaking our oldest “canal friends”.  That’s a meaningless statistic to all except us of course but once again as so often happens, we immediately caught the tails of conversations unfinished from four years ago and continued into the night.

Well into the night.  

So far into the night that we’d missed the golden hour, the blue hour, the switching on of street lights and we even wondered as they cycled back to their van parked quietly outside the city’s inner environmental zone, whether they were at risk of having the street lights turned off before they got there.

Happily, we didn’t even make it half way through the things we needed to reminisce about so we’re going to have to do it again tonight!



Vallypee said...

How lovely! I fear we’ll miss our further catch up with you as you’re now beyond catching.

bitingmidge said...

@Valleypee - if all goes well with you two, we are holding on to the hope of crossing paths on our way back at least. We will see.

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