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Thursday, March 02, 2023

Everything but the kitchen sink.


We are in the midst of something of a social season I'm afraid, but there's plenty of time between visitors to tweak here and there, so we got the galley unit in for a bit of a trial fit today.

"Trial fit" of course ignores the ten thousand kilometres of trial we've already had, but the more observant will notice the white plastic templates held on with blue tape.   The more observant will also notice that the removal of large amounts of building dust and debris is not necessary to achieve a reasonable trial fitting outcome.   

Encouraged by the fact that everything seems to open and close as it should, we've suggested to the printer that it could atone for its sins of the past few days by working overnight.

Perhaps by day's end tomorrow we will be ready to cook, if not wash up although even that might be possible at a pinch. However given that our working day will end somewhere around eleven as social responsibility looms large once more, who knows what boxes will have been ticked!

With only three drawers to go, would now be a good time to note that we haven't soundproofed or insulated the cab area yet.   Will that happen in our next exciting episode?


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