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Monday, March 06, 2023

Sliding (van) doors.


Having had a few days off van building to be up to our armpits in little children and some slightly larger ones, it's nice to be home with a clear head and a clear list of things left to be done, as well as one thing crossed off the somewhat longer term list.   

The downstairs bathroom is now complete and in a way it's because of the work on the van.  We we were struggling even before the madness of Covid hit, to find someone to make our wallpaper at a price and in a time frame that was even barely reasonable.   We gave up in the end and decided that task would made a nice perpetual heading for our whiteboard list in the shed.

A week or two ago, before the morning mist had time to clear (if indeed there had been any morning mist, which there never is round here) I was picking up a few nuts and bolts and a roll of tape at our very large hardware store, when another van caught my eye, this one with very subtle graphics proclaiming the driver to be just the person for the job.   I phoned the company, sent them my  image and with no fuss or bother, they waved a magic wand and our downstairs bathroom was complete.

We we speaking to our grandchildren of many things over the weekend.  Of places we'd lived and things we'd done and projects we'd actually completed, and we both became quite tired thinking about them.

So tired were we, that an embargo has been brought down on large projects from this day forth.

I don't think that includes documenting the old ones though!



Don said...

Nice wall covering!
I'm also flattered (or maybe humbled) that in the lower right corner of this photo is a near double of a sink cabinet I built for our bathroom. No doors on mine (it's open on the underneath) and the sink is an apron front but in color and design the construction is identical. Well done, me!

bitingmidge said...

Oh yes, well done indeed. What can we say? :You have impeccable taste!

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