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Thursday, March 09, 2023

Meanwhile, back in the soft-furnishings department...


While one of us has been errr…"pacing himself", which is code for "catching up on other projects" while waiting variously for paint to dry, sealant to cure and things to print, the other has been bringing the stuff that most don't think about to a glorious conclusion.

The blackout curtain for the back window is complete with all it's magnets sewn in and if it wasn't so black, what a picture it would make. So would the trials of sewing very strong little magnets into little pockets while simultaneously trying to stop them leaping onto parts of the sewing machine, but no pictures were allowed that day.

The mosquito net is the last bit of insurance we think, and like everything else we've done it's a bit of a fiddle to get it just "so".  If we have a net, even a good looking one,  we will presumably never need it, and sometime tomorrow, we'll have one, quite possibly about the same time that the drawers return to their rightful positions.   

On Monday, we're probably off for a few days!


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