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Saturday, March 11, 2023

The tiniest rush of relief.


Yes there are fingerprints all over the thing, but there are fingerprints all over us as well, and who cares, today we took a very big step.     

It's currently 31° (feels like 34 apparently) and 85% humidity - a bit more of both in the garage and it's a bit hard to handle anything, let alone juggle it into place without getting great smears of perspiration over the lot let alone a few little fingerprints.  But  I digress.

On the the day we picked up the fridge, which only came in one singularly inappropriate colour for a fridge, I determined that we'd try to match the design "language" for the rest of the fit out.  I think we've finally done it, or as close to it as we can!  We've made light plastic drawers look like heavy plastic ones!

Only the galley unit remains to be fitted, and the printer does seem to be enjoying the change of colour as it chugs away making the plumbing fixtures.  


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Vallypee said...

That is quite amazing, Peter. I am in awe of your ‘printing’ skills!

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