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Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Some not diamond days aren't bad!


Another day "lost" today, but it's not what you think.   

Some good friends decided they could assist in pulling us out of this semi-productive mire, which they achieved by plonking us squarely in a totally non-productive one.   What were they thinking, popping in for coffee like that and dragging us neither kicking nor screaming, to lunch by the beach?

It was all delightful enough that the printer seemed to sense a lightening in our collective moods and set about restoring equilibrium.   

There is great joy to be had in being able to produce products of one's imagination on what ever whim take's one's fancy, however much as we like to think otherwise, the 3D print process is not completely hands-off.  

A printer relies entirely on operator input and will blindly follow instructions even if those instructions doom it to failure at some point of the process.  This is usually timed to have the greatest impact, for instance when one bounces happily up the stairs (OK there's a bit of licence taken there in the use of the word "bouncing"), gently glowing from a few hours of sitting by the beach and eating fish and chips.  

Print failure tends to  leave great globs of molten plastic encasing delicate electronic components which need to be heated to 250° and gently picked out of delicate electronic componentry, usually over the next several hours. 

You know what?

We've pretty much written off today anyway, I think I'll have a nap and think about it later!


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