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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Some days are diamonds.


If one was working to a schedule, one could only describe today as a "setback".  As things tend to do when they come of the rails, they started poorly and went less well for the rest of the day.    Several steps were taken in a backwards direction and while I think in the end we were back more or less where we started,  it's difficult to avoid making the conclusion that there's actually more to do now than there was this morning.

One of the very cool things about being able to print anything at a whim, is that we can make incredibly accurate jigs and guides, such as the one in the photograph which would allow me to cut out that notch for the drawer slide with a zillionth of a millimetre precision using a trim router to great effect.   

I don't think I'd finished my pre-breakfast coffee when I was lining it up ready to make the first cut and wondering to myself (although I might have mentioned the haste previously) why I hadn't done this  in the first place.   Thankfully that wondering led to me realise that there were screws embedded right in the firing line of the router blade and that perhaps it was time to pull out the trusty Dremel, hence saving the cost of a router bit, and the potential healing time of limb and eye after picking shrapnel out of them for the rest of the morning.

The Dremel did the job remarkably quickly, and the hand plane and spoke shave made short and very pleasant work of shaping the edges before breakfast as it turns out, and that dear friends, was the last time we were to see anything go right this day.

PVC shavings do not absorb tears very well.  It's just as well we're doing this for fun!


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