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Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Wood. Ducks. Row.

All our ply panels are shaped and ready to go, apart from that inevitable final fettling which always takes longer than one imagines it will.

An eighty kilometre round trip today was all that was needed to purchase the last tube of Sikaflex in existence so we can stick stuff with confidence, the batteries for the drills are on charge and there are felt pen marks all over the inside of the van to remind us what goes where.  

The Pineapple Princess Runner Up has lent me a chap for the morning (presumably conspiring with the other of us to have a bit of a lady's time, no doubt over strong coffee and well out of earshot of the muffled grunts and manly conversations which will surely emanate from within the dear little van in the course of installing the panels.

So there you have it.  Our ducks we think, are in a row.

In the absence of some sort of catastrophe, or a shortage of screws, we should have a lining by day's end, or even lunch-time if we're really lucky.


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