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Saturday, February 04, 2023

Silver linings

Things weren't actually all tickety-boo by the end of yesterday.  A momentary lapse on my part meant a tiny but terribly inconvenient bit of remedial work had to be taken care of today, which only added to the bits that didn't go entirely to plan.

By one measure, that one where you compare where you think the job might have been at the end of the day versus where it actually is, we may have actually lost a day in the programme.  Since in the absence of working space in the garage we'd decided to postpone painting one  of the cabinet carcasses until we could shuffle things, perhaps one could argue that perhaps that was the plan all along.

Another day lost is neither here nor there as it seems to be a daily occurrence, and it did happily create a fortuitous lay day in the middle of a heatwave warning where "older people are advised to use air conditioners where possible".

The warning didn't say who one had to be older than, but since one of us is older than the other, there didn't seem to be any point in not taking advice.   

I could just scurry out into the steam pot for a bit, spend twenty minutes or so laying on another coat, and then sit quietly in the cool for two or three hours for the time to pass until the next one.

Everything is hiding under the spray covers so even finding tools would be a challenge even if I had the motivation to do so.  Not being able to find my (insert name of tool) will be tomorrow's problem.  


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