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Friday, February 24, 2023

Too much gas.


I've had a gas strut sitting on my workbench for eighteen months, waiting for the time I guess, when I've figured out how to mount it without tearing great holes in the lightweight sheeting.

Well I've done that, made the mounts and installed the strut and of course the inevitable occurred.  What do you call a gas strut that doesn't move?   A pipe, I suppose.

Paul the gas strut bloke did warn me he'd probably made it a bit stiff, but he is coming tomorrow and he'll sort it, which will leave almost no work to as far as the "envelope" goes.   "Almost" because the vent grilles that go each side of the after most cupboards are printing as we type, and the sewing department is going along so swimmingly I suspect there'll be a few lengths of tube to cut and a few bits of assembly to go and that will be that apart from the usual last minute paint touch ups.

Every little electrical thing is routed and connected now, the fire extinguisher is mounted, the drawer slides are in and tweaked. even my hearing aid charger is mounted securely.

Which brings me to the drawers, all five of them.  

I keep putting them off until tomorrow. 


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