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Monday, February 06, 2023

Maybe it's time for a day off!


It seemed as though I spent most of the day in vain, trying to tidy up a bit while also trying to remember where I keep the collet for the under-bench router and when I did and set it up, I saved at least as much time making a few dozen little curved staves as I spent looking for the part.

Almost all of the panels are cut now, out of 3mm ply because 6mm can't be had, so I'm making the curved parts out of two layers of three just to increase the degree of difficulty a bit and add another day to the schedule.

The electrics are (re)done though, ready to tuck away out of sight when the rest catches up, even if I am a bit dismayed or perhaps downright disturbed by the orientation of the inverter.  Hopefully it's been calibrated and won't do as it's name suggests.

Have you ever wondered about how every space ship in every movie that's ever been made, is always travelling the same way up even though in the absence of gravity that doesn't make sense?  I did hear that the earliest pilots used a piece of heavily buttered toast as a visual gauge.  Whichever direction the butter faced was down, making it quite a simple matter for all to remain in sync.

Those were simpler times of course,  now when intergalactic travel awaits, we have our inverters to keep us on the straight and level.


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