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Saturday, February 25, 2023

Not enough gas!

If we were playing one of those "spot the difference" games, most would notice the bed is made.

It has to be unmade one more time once the bolts arrive for the hinges, but when Paul arrived with his trusty bottles of nitrogen, to our surprise he added more gas to our strut and it started behaving as it was supposed to.  He of course was mortified, certain that we need a second strut, but the bin below the bed is only for occasional use and it's just fine for our needs.

You might also notice that things are looking close to complete, although the drawer-sized gaps are a bit of a give-away that this daily journal is also getting fairly close to drawing to some sort of conclusion for the time being.

It seems as though it's been a very long four weeks I must say, with very few breaks, and  I'm loathe to make any predictions but if we weren't going to waste all of Sunday in the company of good friends, I'd almost say we could be loading the food on Tuesday ready for an early departure. but things won't work like that and there'll be a day or two thereafter spent scratching around remembering odd jobs, (like the insulation in the cab which even now we are tempted to put off until a later time).

The trick now, is going to be in not giving up until those little things are done.



Kanal Rapanden said...

It looks pretty neat in the end. But I was thinking when will you arrive in Belgium this season. We start out from Buzet sur Baïse on Lateral a la Garonne in April and plan to end up in Belgium by September.
So perhaps you guys have some relevant info as we moove closer.

Bjørn Larsen
Bateau Moïse

bitingmidge said...

Hi Bjørn

We should still be in Belgium in September (or the Netherlands) send me an email via the "get in touch" link at the top of this page and we'll send our details. Cheers, Peter

Joan Elizabeth said...

So you look almost done. Where are you heading?

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