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Thursday, February 02, 2023

Holy Bed Base Batman!

 It was the kind of day which would have been enjoyed by anyone who gets their jollies doing repetitive work while standing in a sauna wearing sweaty earmuffs and a dust mask, as their hands go slowly numb from the vibrating machinery.

At the end of it, another four kilos of PVC had to my great shame, been dispatched to add to our land fill catastrophe, although I am consoled by the thought that the weight saving achieved may well contribute ever so slightly to a carbon offset by way of fuel saved during the service life of the vehicle.

Thanks to the miracle of 3d printed templates, the job was less difficult than it might have been.  I am not sure how I avoided the temptation of spelling out a secret message in binary code, but I think I did.

At the end of the day, not much else was done, but if I had a box on my list next to the words "add lightness to bed base" there would be a check mark in it tonight, and the tingling in my fingers is slowly abating.


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