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Monday, February 13, 2023

What would we change?


We've often been asked over the past eighteen months if there's anything we'd change after using the van for a bit, and the answer is "nothing - we've already put half a century of camping experience into it", and while that's true, we're always on the lookout to see what we can leave out to save a bit of weight and generally simplify our lives aboard.

The plan was to build a set of pigeon holes on the back panel on either side of the bed to hold our clothes,  which we always keep sorted in little zipper suitcase bags in any case.  Building that in a way that was light enough, big enough and simple enough was a challenge that neither of us had got our heads around, opting for the lightest, simplest and biggest interim solution, which was to do nothing at all and sort of shove things beside the bed.

When inspiration finally came it was from a panel van lined with racks of those little boxes full of screws.  Yes I know one or two observant types have noted that we have had some screws in the plywood all along, it's just that it was a lot easier measuring the location before they were on the wall.   Each of these modules weigh just 200 grams including all the fittings so by my sums, six of them will add a bit over a kilogram to our payload.  They are quite experimental in terms of durability so we're both hoping they stand up to the rigors of life with us.

While one of us busies herself for the next day or two, slicing up pieces of RipStop and mesh and reassembling them in different configurations, and the poor little printer works twenty four hours a day churning out the parts, the other is thinking seriously about having the rest of the day off while it all happens around him.

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