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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Working with wood.

It's not actually a change, but  eighteen months have confirmed reservations about the durability of the lightweight PVC in some places subject to impact, nothing terrible and nothing that can't be improved upon.  

The curved beam at the head of the bed has suffered a couple of little dings that will show through the finishing wrap, and in truth if I hadn't been quite so clever and made the top all rounded it would be a nice place to rest tins of beetroot on while getting things out of the fridge.   It's getting a nice flat timber cap as we speak/write/read/whatever which will trim everything nicely and will be a bit more resilient when I'm throwing sheets of ply in there to carry home for the next project.

The bed also is being treated to a timber edge (part of the plan) to keep the mattress in place, and to stiffen the edge when it's lifted to access the storage bin under, and the cupboard sides surrounding the only bit of internal floor have a few scuff marks, because that's where we carry stuff when we are using it to do that - so I'll add some timber battens to make the scuff marks less obvious.

So that's it. Another day when the temperature was a bit too uncomfortable to actually work inside the van.  Another day of no progress, yet lots of baby steps taken towards actually finishing something and it was nice to be making a bit of sawdust.


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