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Thursday, February 16, 2023

How much of this is “just because I can?”….

In answer to the question posed by Don and Cathy Jo yesterday we would say - 

"Why, ALL of it, silly!"

Everything from deciding to do the work ourselves to going to the ridiculous extremes of making hat racks out of bespoke parts, are simply being done "because we can".  

I am not sure if we will derive any more pleasure from the van with its finishes than we did without, after all it's essentially the same fitout, just painted a bit so the grubby fingermarks don't show on the white plastic quite so much.    Of course they will show even worse on the grey felt and may not be as easy to clean, so there's that, but we no doubt will have a rule about not touching the felt with grubby fingers.   Let's see how that works for us!   Never the less the process thus far has been a joy, a painful tiring joy, but one we've both enjoyed.

 A lick of paint here, a dash of sandpaper there, some holes filled, some drawers eased, and five coats of seal on the roof panels all contributed to today's progress.   

The simple little hat rack end is probably my most complicated in place print yet. In a forty millimetre diameter we have three zip ties, two screws, an embedded nut, and a machine bolt as well as room to turn the elastic on itself.    Yet there it is.   Finished (except for that one screw top-right which I hadn't tightened at the time of the photo).   Every time another little part is complete a new wave of satisfaction washes over us, and we expect a tsunami of that over the coming week.

And of course we now have somewhere to hang our hats.

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