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Saturday, February 11, 2023

Just one shade of grey.

If a job is worth doing it's worth doing twice. 

Or three times.

The old roof liners have seen better days and I made a new one out of some wondrous material called "caravan ply" which served faithfully in the interim, but was clearly here for a good time not a long one.    Fortunately I didn't throw the original panels away just in case I needed a template at some future time, such as for instance - now.

With a well practised squint, I assessed the damaged parts as "repairable with a bit of fibreglass and epoxy I have lying around somewhere" and the results were so pleasing I wondered why I hadn't squinted at it earlier.  

I then bought some terribly expensive sealer primer in a nice grey colour that matched the original dull grey so well that we had a near perfect finish after just one coat.  Then, we glued a sample of our intended fabric onto a test piece, and not to put too fine a point on it, it looked horrible with the grey showing through in rather dispiriting patches.

Subsequently I discovered that white primer of sufficient density to cover expensive grey primer is even more costly, and because the grey is all pervading, you have to buy twice as much to achieve what some in the trade call "cover".

Ahh well, onwards and upwards.   By tomorrow they'll both be pristine white and waiting for the fabric gluing error that's bound to be next, but in the meantime the van's interior is beginning to show more than a passing resemblance to the inside of an ugg boot.

We're only been at this twelve days although it feels like months.   By this time next week, notwithstanding that we haven't got to the fiddly bits yet, we might be getting close to the end of this chapter.  


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