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Friday, February 10, 2023

Four-way stretch.


I'm pretty sure it's called four-way stretch fabric because that's what one has to do to install it. Contact adhesive used correctly is deadly stuff, when the two surfaces meet no man can put them asunder, so things have to be just so when they do.   

It's a case of having to be simultaneously underneath the entire show spraying the glue then keeping the glued surfaces apart while at the same time gently working the fabric from the top side into all the little nooks and around all those corners.  It's like a game of championship level "Twister".

I must confess had I an inkling that it was going to mould around that wheel in one piece I might have sold tickets to the performance.   Now that it worked so well I'm not game to tell anyone before I do the other side lest the inevitable should occur.

It's all looking quite trim we think, and we're pretty sure we've picked a colour that will hide the stains from the red bulldust beautifully!


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Unknown said...

Nice work Peter. I'll get you to do mine for me when the time comes.

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