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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Illusion or Delusion?

One of my boat building mantras goes something like: " Joiners work to the nearest fraction of a millimetre, carpenters work to the nearest centimetre, boat builders work to the nearest boat".

I know that it's folly to try to get parallel objects to appear that way when all of the surrounding surfaces are curved, yet there I was, hunched over like an apprentice bell ringer, with measuring tape, shims, thread tap, nutserts, and assortment of drill bits and a very big hammer in case any of it needed a nudge, fiddling for what seemed like more than the few hours it actually was.

It's a question of getting everything "close enough" then walking away and not looking back, and certainly not taking a picture.   

This wasn't necessary the first time round, it was late, we were desperate, and I drove a couple of screws into a block of pvc stuck to the wall.   It's been like that ever since, having survived some very very long patches of very very rough roads, and one of us has been happy enough.   

Why did I think it should be "done properly"?

The rear most carcasses are in now too - so tomorrow we'll repeat today, but a metre and a half to the left I suspect.


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