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Sunday, February 12, 2023

It's the little things

They say it's the little things that take the time, but I can't be sure about that although I must admit there are an awful lot of them.  

For instance, the one length of cable we couldn't hide is located under the jack and runs exposed for about 150mm in a place where no one would see it, but the thought of a bit of wire poking through a slit in the wall liner did not sit comfortably at all.

The 3D printer is working fairly long hours at the moment, but I managed to get it to squeeze in this little grommet just to tidy things up a bit.   I think that the ten minutes i took to draw and send it to the printer and the two minutes to screw it in place were worth the delay.

It's not as if we've been slacking off, the roof panels have their fabric glued more or less successfully, all of the fuzzy stuff is in place except for one panel which needs a little magic to get it to sit right, the door rubbers are clean and back where they should be, and the plastic covers on the back of the seat bases have (finally) been adapted to make them removable.

Meanwhile, yes folks it had to happen - the other of us is also fully occupied manufacturing bits out of fabric and polyester mesh.

Stay tuned, there's something of a crescendo coming methinks..


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