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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

It's been a week, and all we have to show for it is an empty van.


Projects like this one do tend to go through  phases.  

We've been through that one where progress is rapid enough to document every day, and at the same time in those early stages there's sufficient adrenalin flowing through ones veins to ignore the creaking of bones unused to being twisted into positions  usually reserved for far younger and perhaps lesser dimensioned folk.

Today we seemed to be over all that.   

From the first staggering steps out of bed waiting for the coffee and paracetamol to work their magic on mind and aching joints,  it was hard to see what progress had been made in the course of the previous day, nor for that matter what might come of the next few.   It's all down to a bit of a grind where dozens of little thankless tasks need to be done in order to move forward.  It was all so un-enthusing that I even started to look forward to my dental appointment in the middle of the day.

Curiously even simple tasks were made extraordinarily complicated but with a little luck the value of the work done will be evident in a day or two when hand laminated plywood panels (because nothing resembling the correct thickness is available at the moment) pop into place with no sign that they weren't there from the beginning, and the phones plug in to the conveniently located charge ports and a satisfying little "ding" happens to let us know that all is working.

Now if only I could just plug in my shoulders and hear that "ding" of reassurance that the recharge was underway, the world would be an even better place tomorrow!  


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